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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kudos for Dwarf Citrus Trees!

Kudos for Dwarf Citrus Trees
Sunny California is truly a great place to grow citrus, but we eastern girls can and do dabble in growing our own citrus- Dwarf Citrus Trees. Our warm and often scorching hot summers provide just the right environment for these delightfully smaller versions of the famous California orange trees. Seasons come and seasons go, though, and when autumn breezes put a chill in the air, we eastern girls simply cart our dwarf beauties indoors to bask in a lovely sunny spot where we can while away the hours gazing at their splendor and daydream about the scent-sational fruits to come.
Several years ago, I took the plunge and purchased two dwarf citrus trees from Four Winds Growers, ironically located in sunny California. I anxiously counted down the days until my trees arrived. I was absolutely ecstatic when my young Meyer Lemon and Trovita Orange Trees arrived in the mail a week later. They were just wee ones, but I was instantly madly in love with my new young charges. My husband and I quickly planted these sweet gems into their new homes and waited for the “fruits of our labor” adventure to begin.
That first season, the wee ones grew oh so quickly and flourished on our sunny deck. Trovita Orange blossoms popped out all over. However, as fate and nature would have it, the very song birds that I love to watch and listen to, snatched up all but one tender young orange. That orange was my pride and joy. And, when it became clear that it was quite intent on growing, growing, growing, my dear husband, David, crafted a little sling to cradle my ever growing orange so it would not break off. Thanks so much, sweetheart!  Anyway, when it was ripe and ready for pickin’, I gently plucked it. It was THE BEST sweetest, most yummiest tasting orange I have ever tasted. Meanwhile, my Meyer Lemon Tree continued to grow, and I had to pray for patience each and every day, knowing in my heart that it would blossom in the winter. And blossom it did, yet I was not blessed with any precious lemons. Ah, more patience, please!
Eventually, I was blessed with lemons…lemons galore. My little dwarf lemon tree actually surpassed my orange tree and just kept popping out blossoms which transformed into the most beautiful lemony yellow lemons. Oh my goodness, they were gorgeous! Patience is indeed a lovely virtue.
I truly love to admire my sweet precious dwarf citrus trees. They are the epitome of nature’s beauty and bounty and a delightfully compact size to boot! Sometimes I don’t know which season I prefer-the warm summer months when I can enjoy the fruit of their labors or the cozy colder months when I can enjoy the anticipation of fresh lemons and oranges! Oh so many ways to enjoy dwarf citrus trees, so little time!
So if you want to add a little color, scent-sational fruit, lovely foliage, and beauty to your family room,home office, kitchen, dining room, or literally any room of the house that gets a good amount of sunny love to keep these beauties thriving, get a dwarf citrus tree and you'll find yourself absentmindedly  humming a Beach Boys tune while you suddenly crave a nice tall glass of orange juice!
Just think about it:
*Dwarf Citrus Trees are easy to care for
*They can be enjoyed both inside and outside
*They produce a ton of delightful small sized fruits
*The fruits of their labor taste absolutely divine!
*You actually know how they've been fed and it's not with pesticides!
*They are attractive!
*Family, friends, and neighbors will pause to admire your lovely trees beginning conversation after conversation and maybe even encouraging a few of them to add one of these beauties to their home
*Did I say they're just the best little trees ever? Kudos to dwarf citrus trees!

I highly recommend stopping by Four Winds Growers and adding a touch of sunshine to your life-indoors and out! Check out their website here:


My beautiful Dwarf Trovita Orange Tree!

My lovely Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree!

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