Miss Beatrix Potter Hen

Miss Beatrix Potter Hen
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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Boo !

    In the Beginning...
Boo is my sweet black kitty. She's three years young and overflowing with love and affection. We rescued Boo Boo from our local SPCA after fostering her and her brood of siblings. We actually had two sets of foster kitties at the time rounding out the total to a whopping ten...yes, we had ten foster kittens romping and racing upstairs in our spare bedroom. All females, except the little orange striped guy, Oliver, whom my daughter lovingly referred to as, Liverman and Boo. I fell madly in love with Boo from day one. Immediately upon entering our little kitty haven, Boo always hurried over to me and rubbed back and forth on my ankles, purring to beat the band ! As the purrfectly precious babes grew into their chubby bellies and it neared the time when we would take them back to the shelter so that their families would spot them, I wondered if I would be able to say goodbye to my beloved black baby. There was a glitch though- Boo was a male and my husband had definite feelings about bringing a male cat into our foster haven home. He was afraid that a male cat may mark at the scent of all of the other animal smells throughout the house. So, I respected his opinion and pined away for my Boo in private. Then, on a routine check-up visit at the shelter, the animal care manager and my dear friend, Lucy, told me that Boo was indeed a little girl ! Oh, my goodness, I was elated ! I couldn't believe it, but I felt sheer joy and knew that the Creator Himself, had already picked out Boo's forever family...US !Now, we had fostered many litters previously, and I, of course, fell in love umpteen times and then some, but this time was different. However, we weren't seeking to adopt another pet. We already had a Bichon named Pip and a sassy calico kitty, actually named Kitty. And, at the time, I was researching the possibility of getting a small flock of hens...we all know how that turned out !!! Anyway, the dawning of THE day came, I sadly hugged Boo and carted them all back to the shelter. I couldn't stop thinking about baby Boo. So, I grabbed my husband immediately after he arrived home from a hard day's labor, and blurted out that I wanted to adopt Boo.He wavered and grinned and allowed me to blabber on and on about how much I LOVED Boo and just had to have her. Obviously, he agreed. The next day, we brought Boo Boo home for good ! And, that's just the beginning of her story...

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