Miss Beatrix Potter Hen

Miss Beatrix Potter Hen
Miss Bea posing for Mama!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Homeschool Happy!

   Ah, the good ol' days of homeschooling...as a homeschool teacher for more than sixteen years, counting the Oh so precious preschool years, I often find myself reminiscing about all those wonderful learning experiences. Remembering the great fun Emily, Jeremy and I had exploring new places, traveling back in time to reenact great moments in history, losing ourselves in exciting stories, becoming great music and art aficionados, ice skating around the kitchen island in our most slipperiest socks while Winter Wonderland plays in the background, and  just discovering, creating, and basking in the joy of  the freedom to homeschool!

   If I were one of my sweet hens, I'd be cluck, cluck, clucking till the cows come home. If I were one of my black kitties, I'd be purrrrring on a soft blanket content as can be. If I were my dog, Pip, I'd be eagerly chewing on a favorite bone while lounging in my soft cozy dog bed. I'm me though, so when my thoughts travel back to our good ol' homeschooling days I am Homeschool Happy!

Simply Knowledge Homeschool
H is for Homeschooling, Hip Hip Hooray!
O is for "Only 1 more math problem and then we're done, I promise"!
M is for Mathematics in real life-budgeting, garden plotting, grocery shopping, time management, etc.!
E is for Ever keeping our eyes on Eternity!
S is for School ROCKS when you're homeschooling!
C is for Creativity !
H is for HELP, I'm a Homeschool Mom!!!!!
O is for Onomatopoeia, Opera, Oceans, Original Obstacle Courses, Ornithology, and Origami!
O is for Oodles of Options!
L is for Love, Learning, Literature, Lightning, Limericks, Laughter and, wait for it...LUNCH!

H is for Homeschooling...HUZZAH!
A is for Ants, Art, Architecture, Animals, Algebra, Acrostic Poems, America, and MORE ANTS and not         the Unit Study kind...EEK!
P is for Pizza fractions!
P is for Pencils and paper...here at the Doll house nothing gets us more giddy than freshly sharpened pencils      and new notebooks, new colors of construction paper from Miller Paper and Pads!
Y is for Yipee, I'm Homeschool Happy!

So, if you too are a Happy Homeschooler go ahead and shout, "Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray! There really should be a Hug A Homeschooler Day, don't you think?



  1. Love it! We are homeschool happy too :) Onomatopeoia is one of my personal favourites!
    Love, Luck &


    1. Thanks, Knittycat!! Love that name! Soooo, miss the homeschooling years. We had such great fun!! Huzzah for Homeschooling!!


    2. Knittycat, I love onomatopoeias too, but my favorite is oxymorons.
      AnnaLee Conti http://annaleeconti.blogspot.com/

  2. Karen, I love your acrostic! As a teacher, I home schooled the daughter of a friend one year. She was really struggling in the classroom in Christian school. I loved seeing her progress four years in that one year I home schooled her.

    1. Thanks so much, AnnaLee!! I too loved being able to see progress firsthand...I would have missed SOOO much just being a mom and hearing about all the goings on in school at the end of the day!!

  3. I enjoyed the acrostic. Your creativity and joy in homeschooling your children came through. My favorite line is "L."

    1. Thank you very much, Michelle!! I was truly a joy to watch my children learn, navigate difficult topics and I especially liked being there to witness those memorable, "I get it!!!!!" moments!