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Miss Beatrix Potter Hen
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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Make it a Magnetic Monday!

Ah, Monday morning...can't trust that day!

Don't sing the blues just because it's Monday. Drown out those Monday Monday blues with a new melody. Put on your favorite song, turn up the volume and turn down any invitation to sing the blues. Make it a magnetic Monday!

If you don't have any projects that warrant immediate attention or dastardly deadlines looming, change direction and mold your otherwise hum drum Monday into a productive and magnetic networking day. Or, even if you do have something due, start your day out with a positive twist-spend a power hour marketing, meeting new writers, making connections, and making a difference in your Monday mood.

Ready, set, go...

A great place to start making new connections is to pop on over to the Writer's Digest October Platform Challenge where Robert Lee Brewer has compiled a CrAzY huge list of writer's blogs.

Reach out to fellow writers-read a few posts or a dozen, then leave a companionable comment, and invite them to visit your blog by including a link to a post you think they might like. Perhaps you share more in common than a way with words. Take a moment to really introduce yourself and share a tid bit about what it is you have in common with them. Making lasting lifelong connections can begin with a single word-Hello.

I've taken this challenge and ran with it like a GIANT run on sentence. I've reached out to more than twenty new writers and what I got in return is priceless...friendship. Thank you fellow wordsmiths!

Another great place to make connections is to join an online writer's group. Facebook is overflowing with "just the write places" to find comaraderie. The Write Life offers this fine list of  FB writer's groups-there's sure to be one to fit your writing style.

Mondays will take on a whole new mood when you reach out and make it a magnetic Monday!

So, I challenge you, fellow writers: go, seek, comment, and invite.

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