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Miss Beatrix Potter Hen
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Monday, November 2, 2015

6 FUN Creative Writing Activities for Homeschoolers!

Writing doesn't have to be so serious all the time. Let your children explore the lighter side and give them complete freedom to simply create. When children have to follow a rigid model, it can be quite intimidating. They feel pressured. They don't know what to write. They stare at a blank page. Sound familiar?

So,transform your ordinary writing program into an extraordinary one! Add some F U N writing activities to your writing program. Be creative! Creativity inspires and motivates.

Create the Ultimate Bedroom or Treehouse
Do your children feel like the grass is greener in a friend's bedroom? Hmmm, if keeping up with the Jones's kids is keeping your kids up in your face, then challenge them. Kids just love a good challenge. This activity even adds a bit of an artistic flair for the dramatic. Give your wishful thinking kiddos some graph paper and some colored pencils and let them create their ultimate bedroom or even a tree house built for a king.

The sky is really the limit on this ultimate challenge. The point is to have FUN! Once they've created their masterpiece, have them describe it in words. Supply them with a list of ultimate-like words such as enormous, glittery, mobile, bright, cool, cozy, organized, contemporary, expressive, roomy, avant garde, etc.

Sports Commentary

This is the go to activity for all sports fanatics! Don't fumble the ball in your writing program. Get kickin' and score with this sports themed writing workout. Do you have a sports fanatic in your homeschool? Then play into their interest with this on the go writing assignment!

Let your budding sports announcers write up a play by play account of the BIG game! Or, let them focus on a single play-the play that won the championship!

A Day in the Life

Biographies give us great insight into famous people from the past and present. Reading books written in diary form can help students to feel as if they're reading letters from a best friend. Help them to imagine what life was like for folks like Laura Ingalls Wilder, Daniel Boone, President Abraham Lincoln, or Harriet Tubman. The possibilities are endless-let their interests lead them toward choosing someone they admire.

Back to the Future, Again

With all the Back to the Future hype recently, it's only natural that the future is on your mind. So, what lies ahead in the distant future? Are we destined to dwell tall and zip around in bubble shaped cars like in the Jetsons? Will robots become part of the family and nonchalantly glide around our houses acting as our personal assistants? Let your students soar into space with their take on what life will be like in the future.

Bananagrams, Scrabble, 

Go solo! Piece together a story as you create word after word on the Scrabble board or in Bananagrams. Let your imagination run wild and think CrAzY as you create your plot. Or, better yet, have siblings play the word games together and then collaborate on the story. Writers could take turns adding a line. Who knows where the story will end up!

Alternate Ending and Deleted Scenes

What are your students' favorite picture books? Do they prefer the classics like Treasure Island, Huckleberry Finn or The Count of Monte Christo? Or, do they leap toward more contemporary characters such as the delightful Frog and Toad series? Whatever their tastes, there's a story just waiting to play twister. Have your young scholars add a twist to a childhood favorite by creating an alternate ending or writing an entirely new scene.

These activities are great because they're creative, different and exciting. They're overflowing with freedom-your children have the chance to really gear the assignment toward their interests and passions. So, put a little dazzle back into your writing program and watch your students jump right in.

Happy writing!!


  1. This is a great way to jazz up kids writing routine’s Karen, or even adults for that matter ;) I think I’m away to dream up my ultimate tree house bedroom! Seriously though, I especially love the 'Back to the Future' idea, you have my creative juices flowing for our homeschool. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks SK :) I think it's always a good idea to shake things up a little now and then, especially if you happen to live in a northern region where winters can be cold and blustery keeping you and the kiddos cooped up together for days and days :( Wishing you a creative start to your homeschooling year!!

  2. Great list of ideas! I'm definitely pinning this so I can remember some of these ideas.

    1. Well, thank you Mother of 3 :) !! Thanks for visiting and especially for the pin!! Happy Homeschooling to you :)